This project has occupied most of my thoughts over the past two years. I led the project and worked with some amazing people – artists, scientists, environmental economists and a linguist.

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I worked on two collaborations, one with Dr Andrew Lucas, photographing the habitats of hoverflies in very wet fields full of quiet beauty and mystery, and hoverfly faces.

For the other project photographed volunteers on the Heart of Wales Railway, who are making 120 miles of bee gardens at every station from Llanelli to Shrewsbury. This project is ongoing.

retouched hoverfly 3blog

What the project was about – Cross-pollination: Revaluing Pollinators through Arts and Science Collaboration was a pioneering project that combined Art with Science to explore new insights into perceptions of the value of honeybees and wild pollinators and used this new knowledge to influence the conservation research and policy decision-making. The project has been funded by both the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Arts Council of Wales (ACW).

The project was led by Professor Andrea Liggins (Principal Investigator) and Sarah Tombs of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD); in partnership with Professor Mike Christie (Co- Investigator), Aberystwyth University; and Dr Natasha deVere and staff at the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW). The ultimate aim was to contribute towards the protection of our pollinators, and a full colour catalogue has been produced to support a touring exhibition at the NBGW in July 2017 followed by the exhibition touring to Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, Pembrokeshire and a conference in November 2017.

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