Amegilla dawsoni, female from Australia
© Andrea Liggins

For the Cross-pollination project I was lucky enough to visit Cornell University, New York State. They have one of the biggest collections of bees and other ‘bugs’ from around the world. While there, I photographed another 40 bees and hoverflies (and a couple of moths) to add to my hoverfly portraits I’d already exhibited as part of the Cross-pollination project. I had the help of a very patient and knowledgeable researcher Paige Uniz. All 40 plus portraits are to be exhibited as part of the new Cross-pollination exhibition, at the Man Library and Gallery, Cornell University, from April 2019.
These are not sharply focused images, that show you what the bees look like in all their scientific detail but are meant to be portraits, that engage you with their ‘being’. I don’t know whether bees and hoverflies have personalities, but I saw each of them as an individual full of character. I hope that comes across.

Xylocopa ordinata – male, from Argentina
© Andrea Liggins
Hyleoides concinna – male, from Australia
© Andrea Liggins

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